Our History

NuTec is a service company headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. For more than 33 years we have been committed to customer satisfaction. We offer industry quality rack and barrel plating, coating, dipping, and zinc electroplating. 


Everything we do is intended to make your business as successful as possible. Here is the wide range of services we offer our clients:

Zinc Electroplating
Zinc Electroplating
    • ASTM B-633 Compliance
    • Rack and Barrel Plating
    • Commercial and Industrial Thickness
    • Bright Finish
    • Corrosion Protection
    • Adhesion of Colored Chromates
    • Special Topcoat Sealers
    • Cost Effective Sacrificial Coating
    • Certification Available
    • Standard and Specialty Fasteners
    • Rack Capacity up to 72″
    • ASTM F1941 Compliance for Fastener Distributors
Additional Services
Additional Services
    • Special Topcoat Sealers
    • Bake after Electroplate
    • Waxes
    • Pickle and Alkaline Dip
    • Torque and Tension Control Fluid
    • Dry Film Lubricants
    • Plus other customer requirements for a wide variety of metal finishing processes