Metal Finishing Terms to Know

Metal Finishing Terms to Know

The technical jargon surrounding metal finishing services can be confusing. This article will differentiate between some common terms, and outline what our services mean. That way, you can better understand which of our projects will best benefit your company. Here are some metal finishing terms you need to know:


Why is metal plating important? What is metal plating, anyway? Metal plating simply refers to an outer coating that is applied to a base metal in order to strengthen it. NuTec uses several different processes to apply iron and zinc metal plating to metal structures and tools. Using metal plating is incredibly beneficial, because it not only reinforces the metal itself, but protects it from corrosion and outside damage sources.

Embrittlement and Corrosion

The two most common issues that customers have with unfinished base metals are embrittlement and corrosion. When metal corrodes or becomes brittle, it can put the structures they uphold at great risk. Embrittlement refers to a drastic weakening in metal when it is exposed to high tensile stress or a low melting-point. Corrosion, broadly, is the gradual weakening of metal due to chemical reactions that it has with the environment it is in. Both are easily preventable with the right metal finishing services from NuTec metal finishing.

Dry Film Lubricant

Dry film lubricants are intended to reduce the friction between two metal surfaces. By utilizing dry film lubricants, it removes the need for a liquid or oil medium. This is one of the many services offered by NuTec.